Custom Based Foliage Edge Letters


White double and lushful foliages, this item has bay grass running throughout the letters giving it a creative finish.
Standard letter sizes are 11-12″ (Customisable, just give us a call).

Instructions to order your custom name:

  1. Write out your custom name (e.g. John, Pops, Nan), and count the letters in the name
  2. Now count the amount of letters in the name (e.g. JOHN4 Letters) and select the corresponding amount in the Letter Count drop down menu below.
  3. And select the base colour of the flowers with Matching Spray for your lettering tribute.
  4. Write out your custom name in the box below (e.g. John, Pops, Nan).
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All our letters come with distinctive different styles, with stand included.:

Based: Beautiful flower base with either foliage outer edge or ribbon edge with a spray to match.
Loose: Beautiful flower base made up mostly of greens with lovely flower ascents.
Textured: Beautiful flower base made up of greens with lovely textured finish.

The colours, the flowers and the arrangements are customisable. Please contact us at any time during or after placing your order to let us know of any specific requirements you have and we will advise you, help you and take note of your order details.

Just follow the instructions above to select the custom name for your order.

Additional information

Letter Count

1 Letter, 2 Letters, 3 Letters, 4 Letters, 5 Letters, 6 Letters, 7 Letters, 8 Letters, 9 Letters


Baby Blue, Blue, Cerise Pink, Cream, Green, Lilac, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Soft Pink, White, Yellow