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Flowers to Say Congratulations

There are many reasons why you might want to congratulate someone, and one of the best ways to do this is with flowers. Pretty much anyone loves getting a bouquet of flowers if they’ve achieved something, so here is a selection of some of the best congratulations flowers.


Congratulations Irises

Irises traditionally symbolise hope, faith, admiration, and courage, which are all perfect for saying congratulations. Irises are also one of the best congratulations flowers because they’re generally less commonly given in bouquets, and so make a nice present.


Congratulations Roses

12 Red Roses

Roses are probably the best-known congratulations flowers, although they’re obviously more associated with romance and affection. However, choosing yellow or orange roses instead of the traditional red, which symbolise friendship and enthusiasm respectively, are a great way to say well done. Not only that, but they look great too!


Congratulations Heather

While it’s unlikely that you’d give someone a whole bouquet as heather, it’s actually a perfect choice for congratulations flowers. For a start, heather is associated with good fortune and protection, but it’s also a great addition to a more traditional bouquet of flowers, particularly wildflowers. What’s more, you could even give someone a living heather plant as a more long-lasting type of congratulations flowers.


Congratulations Gladioli

Gladioli are another great choice for congratulations flowers, not only because they come in a range of beautiful colours, but also because they symbolise integrity and strength. They look amazing on their own, but are also a great addition to a bouquet of tulips or lilies because they add height and interest.


Congratulations Carnations

Assorted carnations bouquet

Carnations are one of the most traditional congratulations flowers, although it’s important to choose the right colour. For example, white symbolises good luck, while pink can symbolise a mother’s love. White is probably the best choice for saying congratulations, but why not mix several colours together?


Congratulations Orchids

Orchids symbolise maturity and pride; two things someone might feel when achieving something. This makes them a perfect choice for congratulations flowers, but they’re made even better by the fact that you’ll be gifting a living plant. This gives the recipient more reason to remember your thoughtful gift (providing they can keep it alive of course).

Why not mix them up?

When it comes to giving congratulations flowers, it’s useful – but not necessary – to know the symbolism behind the flowers you’re giving. While there are many out there that simply say “well done”, mixing up several different kinds is a much better way of sending a message. What’s more, this will give you a chance to practice your arranging skills!



Choosing the right congratulations flowers is important because it shows you’ve put more effort into the gift than simply going down the supermarket and choosing a bouquet. Spend some time researching the symbolism behind flowers, or why not go to your local florist to see what advice they can give? If you’re really stuck for ideas, then giving someone a bouquet of their favourite flowers, or one you’ve picked yourself, is also a good way of saying congratulations.

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