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How to Choose the Perfect vase for Cut Flowers


Getting the right vase for your cut flowers is almost as important as choosing the flowers themselves. A cut flowers vase should compliment the type of flowers it’s displaying, so if you’re interested in arranging your own displays, it might be worth having several. Here are the major types of cut flowers vase, and some suggestions about which flowers they’re suitable for.


Column vase


A column vase is probably what many people would see when they think of a vase, and is basically a long, usually thin vase. It’s a cut flowers vase suitable for things like long-stemmed roses, lilies, or sunflowers. Choosing this type of vase is good for creating height to your displays, as it will keep the flowers bunched closely together.


Hourglass vase


This is probably the other type of cut flowers glass that people will think of. This type of vase has a wide base, thin neck, and wide opening, which helps to fan the flowers out in an attractive way. Hourglass vases are ideal for displaying different kinds of flower together, but works particularly well with peonies and hydrangea.

Round vase

This type of vase doesn’t need much of an explanation, and is going to be a less common choice. Fish bowls are an ideal cut flowers vase for big, voluminous arrangements that are tied closely together but allowed to fan out. Fanning the stems out is a great way of improving how the arrangement sits in the vase, and helps create interest.


Bottleneck vase


These are very similar to hourglass vases, but stop at the wide neck rather than getting wide again. This makes them a suitable cut flowers vase for plants that hang, or decorative twigs. They look particularly nice with a single stem of something like willow or cherry blossom, which is a great way of adding a pop of colour to the room.


Bud vase

A bud vase is particularly versatile, and great to have lying around the house for the summer. Old reclaimed stoneware and glass bottles are great choices for a cut flowers vase, and look amazing with a small branch of rose or lavender in. Their small size makes them ideal for brightening up a small room or table, such as by the bed or in the hall.


Choosing the right cut flowers vase will depend on the type of flowers you’re arranging. If you’re creating a large display with lots of big flowers, then something like a round or hourglass vase would be a good choice. However, if you’re making a display using tall and proud flowers, then a bottleneck or column vase would be a much better choice.


A cut flowers vase doesn’t need to be expensive, and you can get around this by upcycling old things you might have lying around the house. Old drinks glasses or glass bottles are always good choices, and you can decorate them how you want to match your décor. Regardless of which cut flowers vase you choose, just make sure it doesn’t overshadow the flowers themselves.

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