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Get Well Soon Flowers That Can Lift Your Spirit


Choosing the right get well soon flowers can often be challenging, or it can be the easiest thing in the world. However, if you truly want to lift someone’s spirits when they’re unwell, you might want to do more than pop to your local supermarket and pick up the first bouquet you get your hands on. Here are some top tips for picking the right flowers.


Brighter is better


This might seem obvious, but get well soon flowers should be as bright as possible. Colourful plants have an amazing impact on the spirit, which is possibly most important when someone isn’t well. It’s fair to say that most plants are colourful, but avoid too much white, or arrangements with too much foliage.


Marie Curie Bouquet

Cotton Candy

Try to avoid scented arrangements


While scented flowers have their own range of benefits, this might not always be the best choice. For example, you might enjoy the scent of the flowers you’re taking to someone in hospital, but they might not after sitting near them for days on end! Choose plants that favour appearance over scent, such as daffodils, daisies, or irises.


Decide where they’re being sent


Working out where you’re going to be sending your flowers will impact what you choose. For example, if you’re sending them to someone at home, then a living plant might be better than a bouquet. On the other hand, if they’re going to someone in hospital then an arrangement will be better, providing they’re not scented.


Don’t underestimate the benefit of plants


There’s a reason flowers are so popular: they really do lift the spirit. Obviously this isn’t a substitute for actual medicine, but don’t overlook the boost a nice flower arrangement can give someone who’s unwell. If you want to truly give them that boost, choose an arrangement of their favourite gifts. Alternatively, customise the bouquet with a nice card, or even something simple like a crossword book to keep them entertained.


Get Well Flowers

Go for plants that’ll last longer


If you’re choosing get well soon flowers for someone in hospital then it’s a good idea to choose varieties that’ll last longer than a few days. Some great examples are carnations, roses, or chrysanthemums, all of which can last a good few weeks if looked after properly. After all, you want the recipient to enjoy the gift for as long as possible. An alternative to this, as ever, is to simply buy a living plant (such as an orchid), as this will give them something to remember you by for months to come.




When it comes to get well soon flowers, much of the gesture is in choosing the right varieties. This is the difference between a gesture and a thoughtful gesture. Choosing the right kinds of flowers will give the recipient a much-needed boost and will give them something to appreciate while they’re unwell. When choosing flowers, never underestimate how helpful lifting the spirits can be.

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