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The Beauty of Dried Flowers


Although they didn’t invent the idea of dry flower decorations, the Victorians loved them. Along with their revival of arts and crafts, they went mad for dry flower decorations. While some people might consider them to be slightly out-dated, you can do a lot with some dried flowers, and they’re beautiful in their own right. Here are some of the best ideas for dry flower decorations.


  1. Frame them


Flower pressing is an incredibly old hobby, and involves you drying flowers inside a book or other heavy flat object. Leaving them in there for several weeks will preserve the flower perfectly and make it nice and flat, which is perfect for framing. Give them as gifts, or press different flowers to commemorate different life events. Whatever reason you choose, dried flowers are one of the nicest and most delicate looking dry flower decorations.

  1. Make a bouquet


This might seem like a simple option, but dry flower bouquets can have a real impact, and give a completely different feel to fresh bouquets. You can dry fresh, healthy flowers by hanging in a dark, well-ventilated room for a few weeks. Dry flower decorations offer a completely different colour palette, and you’ll have a great time trying new combinations that wouldn’t work when the flowers were fresh.

  1. Use them as air fresheners


A great choice for dry flower decorations is to double them as air fresheners. Before we had plug-ins, this is what people used to do. Obviously you need to choose a flower with a powerful scent, such as lavender, and then dry it in the way mentioned above. Once the lavender is dry, strip the flowers off the stems and put into a small bag. Muslin is best for this because the scent needs to escape. Hang this in your wardrobe and you’ll have lovely scented clothes for months.


  1. Expand your flower arranging options


One of the best ways to use dry flower decorations is to combine them with fresh ones. For example, things like thistle, reeds, and grasses look much nicer when dried, and will last much longer. What’s more, these make a great addition to fresh flower bouquets, particularly if you’re going for a country meadow theme. The combination of fresh and dry creates interest and texture, and elevates even the most humble and uninteresting petrol station bouquet. As mentioned above, dried flowers also give you different colours to play with, and these can work really well against the vibrant hues of fresh flowers.


Dry flower decorations might seem like a thing of the past, but you can do plenty with them. Although they’re more delicate, you have greater versatility with dried flowers, and obviously they’ll last much longer. This means you can make more permanent displays and don’t have to worry about them looking sorry for themselves after a few weeks. Also, dried flowers are great fun, so get in touch with your Victorian self and see what you can come up with!

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