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Choosing Flowers for your First Date


Bringing flowers on your first date can be a nice touch that shows thoughtfulness and care, and after all, who doesn’t love receiving flowers? Choosing first date flowers can actually be quite hard, especially because the “traditional” choice of roses has probably become far too cliché. This article gives you some information on how to choose first date flowers.


  1. Choose your date’s favourite flowers


It might be a bit late to suggest this if you’re shortly heading out on your first date, but see if you can find out your date’s favourite flower. You can drop this into conversation at any time, but make it subtle. Surprising them with a bouquet containing their favourite flowers will show you listen, and that you’re very thoughtful.


  1. Go seasonal


Getting a bouquet of seasonal flowers can be a really nice touch to a first date. If you’re unsure about which are the best seasonal flowers, speak to a local florist to see what they suggest. This will obviously be much easier in the summer, but even in late winter, you can still choose from nice flowers such as crocuses, daffodils, and even pansies. Seasonal first date flowers show that you’ve put more thought into the gesture than simply choosing the first bouquet you stumble across.


  1. Pick your own


This option might not be open to everyone, but it’s another great way to show you’ve gone that extra mile. Be careful to only pick flowers that can be considered wild, or ones from your own garden, because the last thing you want is to get in trouble for ruining someone’s front garden. Picking your own first date flowers will also help you to think outside the box in terms of colour scheme, and will give you the opportunity to choose some more unusual items, such as heather.


  1. Buy a potted plant instead of a bouquet


If you consider the whole idea of first date flowers to be a bit tired, why not swap them for a live, potted plant? Orchids are a great choice, and are quite easy to buy. You’ll probably find yourself spending about the same amount of money, and it’ll again show that you’re quite thoughtful. Plus, as nice as a bouquet looks, they will wilt at some point, whereas hopefully, a potted plant will have a longer lifespan. First date flowers can mean more than a bunch of roses, so think outside the box a little bit to impress your date.


Choosing the right flowers for your first date doesn’t need to be that hard. It can be a fun opportunity to arrange your own bouquet, and considering you’re probably looking for any chance to impress, this can be a great way to score points early. First date flowers are a timeless tradition, so mix things up a bit by giving your date something different to what they expect. And you never know, a good bouquet of first date flowers could be enough to seal the deal.


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