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We love the Sunflower flowers

Sunflowers are one of the most recognisable flowers around the world, and are an international symbol for happiness. They make a great addition to any floral arrangement, and sunflower flowers can brighten up any room.

Here are some top care tips for growing your own sunflowers, and how to keep them looking fresh once they’re in a vase.


How to grow sunflower flowers

Sunflowers require between 6 and 8 hours of sun every day, and should be grown in the sunniest spot in your garden. It’s best to grow them against a fence or wall because they can be very top-heavy when they flower, and this is the best way to prevent them blowing over.

Apart from this, sunflowers are very hardy plants. They’ll happily grow in almost any soil and can survive quite a while without being watered. In fact, it’s better to underwater them than overwater, as waterlogged soil can have a massive impact on their growth.

If you’re growing them in pots, only think about watering them once a week. However, if they’re growing in a flowerbed, you really won’t have to water them that often, unless it’s been very hot.

Plant sunflower seeds in April or May, just as the weather starts to warm up. They don’t necessarily need fertilizer, but they can grow up to 6ft tall if you feed them regularly. If they do start to grow this big, it’s worth supporting the stems, otherwise they’ll fall over if it’s windy.


How to care for cut sunflowers

Sunflower flowers are perfect for any summer floral arrangement, and can last a surprisingly long time after being cut. Having a well hydrated plant at the time of cutting will actually improve the life of the sunflower flowers once they’ve been put in a vase.

It’s also worth cutting them in the morning before the plant starts photosynthesizing properly.

Once you’ve cut the flower using a pair of clean cutters, place in water that’s slightly warm to the touch. The ideal temperature is between 37 and 42 degrees, so the temperature should be barely noticeable if you put your finger in. Using warm water will prevent the flower from being shocked, which will cause it to wither.

When it comes to trimming your sunflower flowers, it’s up to you how many leaves you remove. You should cut at least 30cm of stem off with the flower, and leaving a few leaves around the flower will help to make your bouquet look fuller.

A cut sunflower flower will last at least a week, but this can be increased up to two, or even three, weeks with the addition of preservatives.

Perfect for Summer

Sunflower flowers are the ideal base for any summer flower arrangement, and match perfectly with a wide range of different flowers. For an interesting bouquet, try thistles and delphiniums, or pair with a range of other Helianthus flowers for a more traditional look.

Whatever you choose to put with your sunflower flowers, your arrangement is guaranteed to scream summer.

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