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Choosing flowers for a girl? From centuries flowers have been a sign of happiness, love and tenderness among humans. We have associated flowers on various occasions and emotions.

If you are getting nervous about giving flowers to someone special, then you need not be worried at all.

If you want guidance as for how to choose flowers for your bouquet, then keep on reading this article.

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  • Who is it for?

The choice of flowers depends on the person for whom you are making a bouquet. Pay keen attention to the likes and dislikes of the person.


  • Choosing flowers for a social individual:

If you are planning a bouquet for a social butterfly, then go with seasonal blooms. You can add baccara roses and sprayed pink roses. You can also add effervescence and a fresh look by adding a few chrysanthemums.


  • Choosing flowers for a romantic daydreamer:

If your recipient is a romantic dreamer, then go with the pastel colour flowers. You can choose Peruvian lilies, pink hydrangeas or sprayed roses as well to induce an awe-inspiring emotion.


  • Choosing flowers for a nature┬álover:

For your nature lover recipient, you can go with a variety of blooms to add colours and fragrance. Combine lush green spheres with blues hydrangeas along with white eustomas. Here you have to pay focus on the fact you have to arrange an eclectic bouquet.


  • Choosing flowers for a fashionista:

If you are planning on buying a bouquet for someone who reads the fashion bibles, then go for something more sophisticated and edgy. Choose Matthiola, amaranth, vibumum and hydrangeas along with scented eucalyptus to create something exquisite, edgy and modern.


  • Choosing flowers for the girl next door:


For your cheerful and full of life girl, the bouquet should be bright and full of colours. So go with daisies, roses and ranunculi. Arrange the delicate ranunculi between the daisies and rose to give them a vibrant look.


  • Choosing flowers for a creative spirit:

If the person you are planning to give a bouquet is an artsy free spirit, then go with the bold theme. Ask your florist to arrange eutomas, Kenyan roses, and Peruvian lilies in a twine and burlap envelop to make a nice snuggled bouquet.


  • Your budget:

Although emotions are far more worthy than money, however, we have to keep in mind our budget aspect. So while asking for a beautiful bouquet of flower from your florist, tell them your budget and then ask them to show flowers according to your budget.

Choosing flowers is something that requires background knowledge about each flower and their meaning. However, at Sunflowers florist, you can have the perfect bouquet by just telling us about the occasion and recipient. Contact us for more information

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