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Choosing correct red roses

Many people see the red rose every day and have never try to imagine the wonders of the flower especially in building affections and solidifying love.


red rose

Red roses signify beauty

Red roses signify beauty and love in multiple cultures. Most times, poets write about red roses, writers also do, and many people in a relationship especially the newly developed relationships express their sincere love and affection by presenting their partners with red roses. Most people believe that red roses are only used as love and romantic symbols, there are lots of people who thought that they can always give red roses to their loved ones.

Sometimes, red roses could be given to family, friends, parent, loved ones, and that special someone who have just visited you and needs some levels of affections, and of course, a lover, most times, a bride can carry these red roses on her wedding day or sometimes by a soul mate on special days like Valentine Day. Many times, people find it pretty hard to make their choice between a red rose, red bouquet, dark red roses, and long stem red roses.

how to choose correctly

They usually wonder what is meant by rose Etiquette.” Often, they are unwritten ‘rose norms’ that are used by traditionalists. Therefore, single roses are meant to powerfully express liking, rather than expressing love, while bouquets speak much about love, long stem roses are those with marked styles and wow elegance, and dark red roses are used to express passion and longing fantastically. Many wonders why the red roses romantic appeal surpass those of other flowers as it does. They wonder why many people who go out to buy wonderful flowers end up coming home with red roses.


wonderful red roses

The wonders of the red rose

The reason for this lies in the universal appeal of red roses, which have made it stand out because of its remarkable character and beauty even in the midst of many lilies, cute tulips, merry carnations, pretty orchids, and beautiful roses of other colours other than the red roses. 

Of course, the red rose is always enigmatic, enchanting, and mesmerizing. Therefore, it is no longer a surprise that no matter where the red rose is placed, and the kind of vase used to decorate it, it automatically announces itself with panache. It is always almost impossible to miss red roses in an official setting, a hotel, a shopping centre, at wedding ceremonies especially in the hands of a bride or sometimes pinned in the lapel of a popular actor. 

On a lighter mode, if a lady crosses a street even with a single red rose in her hands especially on Valentine’s Day, everyone turns to notice her. The continuous and timeless symbolism and beauty of this red rose is the main reason behind its presence in most of the greeting cards for all kinds of occasions.

The red rose brings many people closer to each other and helps to develop love and affections, expression of liking, elegance, love, and passion to a significant level that transcends language.


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